Men Honak

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Men Honak, which means “From there” is a podcast aimed to explore the countries but with a different vision. We focus on communicating and discussing with the resident and local or origin people from the country. We try to explore the culture and lifestyle of different countries. We consider every detail in daily activities and ask about several topics from lifestyle, working, studying, cost of living, transportations, health care, educations, habits, holidays, language, and communication with the people.

We explore every detail, which is essential for the audience. We try to answer all the questions which are appealing to anyone who needs to travel or learn more about different countries.

We listen to people’s stories regarding the work and the paper required for it. We analyze how anyone could relocate either alone or with his family, and how to get every detail regarding the relocation process.

The podcast consists of seasons every season focus on one country and gets the details about this country.