About “Big Data Engineering in Depth”

The Big Data in Depth is a free online course which aims to share knowledge in the big data and data engineering. It focuses on taking you from the zero levels to be a professional in the field.

The course starts by explaining the Data Engineering and Distributed systems as basic billers. Then it goes throw different topics, including but not limited to Big Data tools, DevOps, Docker, Functional Programming, Scala, Spark, Kafka, Data Orchestrations, Elastics, and Architecture design.

All the material is available on Google classroom and Github. It includes lots of practical demos and coding sessions to get you to excel and understand these topics.

Google classroom link: here using the classroom code: 3p7srky

Course Content

  1. Course Introduction
    1. Course Introduction and Target
    2. Getting Max Benefit From This Course
    3. Assignments, Labs, & Textbooks
    4. Course Content Overview
  2. Data Management
  3. Data Abstraction
    1. Introduction to Data Abstraction
    2. Physical Layer
    3. Logical Layer
    4. View Layer
    5. Data Solution Thinking
  4. Data Warehouse Components
    1. Motivation
    2. DWH vs Transaction DB
    3. Business Types
    4. Use cases for DWH and Transactional DB
    5. Multi-Temperature Storage
    6. Characteristics And Components
    7. Source System Integration
    8. Source System Extraction
    9. Staging Layer
    10. Data Modeling
      1. Introduction to Data Modeling
      2. Dimension Types
        1. Conformed Dimension
        2. Degenerate Dimension
        3. Junk Dimension
        4. Role Playing Dimension
        5. Outrigger Dimension
        6. Snow Flake Dimension
        7. Slowly Changing Dimension
        8. Fast Changing Dimension
        9. Shrunken Rollup Dimension
        10. Multi Valued Dimension
        11. Swappable Dimension
        12. Heterogeneous Dimension
      3. Fact Tables
      4. Schema Types
    11. Data Integration and ETL

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